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02-26-06 16:45

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02-25-06 18:17
Well, it has been a while since I posted on this thing. Went to a basketball game tonight, and I am so happy that we won. It has been such a long season and when we get a W it feels great.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think it is really dangerous. Some days I wonder if I am doing the right thing for my life. And then I wonder if I am being supportive enough to Jay or if by some reason, I am forcing him to stick to something that is making him completely miserable. I know that he will have to make his own decisions in the end, but am I making him actually think about things more than normal.

Anyway, it has just been a rainy day here in Starkville, and there really hasn't been much of anything else to do.
11-01-05 09:36
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10-24-05 18:10
Well, it has been a little while since I last posted and well, things are about the same. We took a trip to St. Louis over fall break and we had fun. We went up in the arch and as Jay said, we went up in a dryer. We went to the zoo, (Robin thanks for letting us know it was free.) We also went to the botanical garden which was quite beautiful, they had a climatron that was out of this world and anyone that has enough money to get one shoud (by the way you would need to be outrageously rich), but Jay says that one day we will have one, I won't hold my breath. We went to the Anheuser-Busch plant and that was pretty neat, we got to see the Clydsdales which were my favorite part and they had one named Duke so of course we took pictures. Like I said though it was a really great trip, wish that Robert and Maryssa could have met us but I think we made do without them. Since then we haven't done a whole lot, just got back into the swing of things around here like work and school. Next weekend Jay's Aunt Teresa is having a Halloween party for Mitchell and Hailey we are staying in town just for that. I have to tell ghost stories, so if you know any good ones that would be good for 10 year olds please let me know because I am still looking, and any that involve the woods or anything like that would be best since it is an outside party. Also Jay's mom and maybe sister will be coming so that will be great too, haven't seen them in a few weeks. I guess that is about it, and I have to go feed the dogs and let them in since it is getting really cold around here(which I like). Until next time.
10-05-05 18:08
"I'm So Tired of Being Alone" should be my new theme song. This semester Jay has had to work so hard and I never get to see him. It isn't his fault and I know that he doesn't want to be at the office studying all the time, it just starts to wear. This weekend just needs to hurry up because then we can actually relax and spend sometime together.
10-03-05 09:22
Well, this weekend was pretty eventful, Jay and I went to the coast to get a few things done. He helped his parent's around their house while I helped move my brother Aaron to his new place. Didn't get a lot of sleep so last night when we finally got home, we both crashed.
So I have a test tomorrow in Real Estate, one of these days I will really be done with school but until that time I will just be busy like normal. I know that my class isn't nearly as hard as Jay's since I never get to see him because he is always studying, and not at home.
I have to work this Saturday, there is the Masters Comps this weekend and I have to help administer them, so that takes away my sleep time for Saturday. But all is well, I can survive.
And then the next weekend we are finally going to make the trip St. Louis on the 14th and so that should be fun. I really can't wait since it was supposed to be Labor Day Weekend but that was a big bust. Oh well, I get to look to the trip that will come.
09-13-05 12:09
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09-07-05 13:15
09-07-05 10:29
Tomorrow I get to go shopping. I know this is such a trivial thing right now, but it surely helps take peoples minds off stuff and since I am going with Jay's mom, sister, cousin, and aunt and three of the four of them have major damage from the storm and need a little repreave. But besides that things are going ok.
08-26-05 12:57
I am so ready to be off work today, it is like the day will never end. There are so many professors in this department that feel like everything they do is more important than anything anyone else does, and I think today I just about had enough and I have snapped on quite a few of them. In a sense though, it feels so good because I am sure that some of the aggression coming out needed to take place on professors when I was a student(man being staff feels good) they can't make my grade lower because I tell them off, and they can't fire me because I do it is such a tactical manner:)
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